from småland to the ends of the earth. 


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Take six months to really go deep with God.


Help to provide relief during Covid-19

photo credit: Asal Chhimekee / Goda grannar

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our vision



People with all different skills, passions and personalities are essential to finishing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18).


Our work is to walk with people as they identify their calling and what God has equipped them for.


We facilitate their entry to the mission field; inspiring them to reach the least reached.

Our passion: The unreached


Jesus commands us in the Great Commission to go out into all the world. There are still people who have never heard the name of Jesus.


The Unreached:

A people group that is less than 2% Christian

The Unengaged:

A group that has no access to the gospel.


There are 3 billion people that fall into these categories. That’s 28% of the world population, and they predominantly live across Northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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