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Why We Do Mission Trips

Short term mission trips are a core part of YWAM Småland’s vision.


God can use these short periods of time to do big things, both in the communities we visit as well as in the lives of the participants who serve! For so many, the idea of missions stays exactly that, an idea. When young people get the opportunity to go into the field themselves, and see how God uses them, their role in fulfilling the Great Commission becomes so much more real.

How we bring change

You can read more about the benefits for participants and youth leaders alike further down. The third major stake-holder is of course the communities that we go to bless. We have seen time and time again that the more positively we can impact a community, the more the participants grow and are blessed themselves. 


The main way we do this is through having lasting relationships with local contacts. While a short-term team can bring an amazing burst of enthusiasm and energy, it’s important that our ministry supports the work of the long-term workers in the field. By building an understanding of the communities we visit, we’re able to do our best to ensure the mission trips are a blessing for everyone involved!

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The Mission Adventures Network is an international group based in YWAM centered around the world. Their aim is to partner with local churches to make missions accessible to anyone who wants to get involved.


The Mission Adventures model is designed to utilize YWAM’s experience in short-term, cross-cultural mission trips while youth leader’s relationships with their youth group remain the center of the team structure. 


YWAM’s role in a Mission Adventures trip is to organize ministry opportunities, accommodation, travel, and training. Youth leaders are asked to create a culture in the team where the youth are ready to serve, grow, and learn.

Mission adventures

We LOVE the symbiotic relationship between participants and communities that mission trips generate. The more participants are able to serve and contribute, the more they grow in faith, confidence, and passion! Does it get any better than that?

Youth are given the chance to share testimonies, often being asked to give messages, share the gospel, or lead a devotion. The adventure of traveling to another country allows participants to experience a culture that is different from their own. God cares about all peoples and all cultures. The participants will come away with a greater understanding of God’s heart for the world.

And don’t forget, mission trips are fun! Youth can build deeper relationships with their fellow teammates and their leaders which continue into life back home. We know that the experience of a mission trip gives youth a richer picture of who God is, coming to understand that He wants to use them, just as they are, in His kingdom.

Benefits for Youth

It can be daunting starting to plan a mission trip. You want to go somewhere you can truly help! Booking transport for a large group and trying to organize a realistic budget is not always so straightforward. It would be such a shame for a youth leader’s willingness to help their youth step into the mission field to be stopped before it even really began. 


The Mission Adventures model means that we make sure all the practical stuff is sorted out so that pastors and youth leaders can focus on getting local youth excited and prepared for serving in missions. Leaders will get to see their team in a completely new context, helping them overcome challenges and encouraging them to use their gifts and talents in a meaningful way.

Benefits for Youth Leaders

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