know god.

make him known.

quick facts

Start Date: Oct 6th, 2022

End Date: March 31st, 2023


Two months in Sweden

Two months in Thailand*

Two months among the Unreached

Cost: 37 000 SEK including food and housing for six months.

not included: flight tickets, personal expenses like travel insurance or vaccinations

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Lectures in English

24 credits from the University of the Nations


What is a dts?

The Momentum DTS focuses on the same aspects as all Discipleship Training Schools: To know God and to make Him known.

The DTS aims to give you practical teaching on how to live out your faith. Soundly based in the Bible, it will equip you
for a life serving God.

lecture phase

The core purpose of this time is to ‘know God’.

In total, we will have 12 weeks of teaching, but growing deeper in your relationship with Him doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. It is similar to your normal bible school but with more focus on how you practically live your Christian life.


There’s no better method of discipleship than living in community. We’ll eat, worship, pray, and enjoy life together, standing with one another in challenges and celebrating each other’s successes.

We will cover a range of life-changing topics like Hearing God’s voice, Evangelism, Missions, the Holy Spirit, Nature and Character of God, Biblical Worldview, Relationships, and much more!

The location of the first two months of lecture phase is in Holsbybrunn, Sweden. 


The Bible says ‘faith without works is dead’.


We are so free in Jesus, there is nothing we can do to earn His love, and we want everyone to know that this freedom is open to everyone on this planet!


So we will go to the ends of the earth, knowing that Jesus is with us. He will work through us so that other people can come into a closer relationship with Him.


And the great news is that as we step out in faith for Jesus, He gets to work in our hearts even more. 

For close to three months you will get to practice this. Leaving Europe for a real adventure.


Choosing to do a DTS was one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to build a solid foundation of faith in Jesus and learned how to serve the kingdom in any way I could, no matter what I did.


The lectures were refreshing, and being able to put it into practice during outreach phase was awesome. The friendships and amazing memories that were made during my DTS will last me a lifetime.

the locations

We’ve split the two traditional DTS phases over three locations.


DTS - Discipleship Training School is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and see the world, but that is not the primary reason we’ll travel from Sweden to Thailand and out to our second outreach location.


The vision behind this format is to make the most out of the wide range of resources YWAM has to offer globally.

*This setup might be subject to change


Our two months in Sweden will be a greenhouse for growth, with a new speaker every week.


There’s no doubt as a DTS student you’ll need to take some time to process with God everything He’s revealing to you, and the peace and beauty of the Swedish countryside in the autumn is a great place to do that!


Besides, we’ll love showing you around our home, introducing you to the people and places that make Holsbybrunn a hotbed for missions.


Thailand is home to a big number of missionaries.


It’s so inspiring to see how missionaries who are living long-term on the field go about their lives and we want to invite them to be a part of our school by teaching on subjects that they live every day.


At YWAM Småland we firmly believe that being prepared culturally, linguistically and spiritually to serve in a country on outreach is so important to having effective ministry. So we want to take the opportunity to serve South-East Asia as best we can by immersing ourselves in society before we go out on outreach.


For our final part of outreach we’ll go where there are people who haven’t yet heard about Jesus.


Throughout the whole school, we will be letting ourselves get equipped so we can be Jesus’ mouth, hands and feet.


We’re going to see people get healed, we’re going to pray for freedom and we’re going to show them what it means that Jesus loves them practically, be that clean water, sanitation, education, and whatever it takes.

Get to know us.

We would take you out for a Swedish coffee, but, well, this is the internet. So just shoot us a message and we would love to have a chat.

Get to grow with us.

Come, and let's do this together. Let's see what amazing stuff God has for us when we put half a year aside, just for Him.